Together with Danida and ITI in Cairo we've established the very first university gaming track in Egypt. This is taken from one of our lectures - great times!


Some of our students just won 3rd Place in Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition! Awesome!


If you ever come to Cairo feel free to pay us a visit. From our office balcony we can see the pyramids on the other side of the Nile reminding us to do our work well.

Street Life

Columbus & the Egg

Allowing yourself to think out of the box paves the road to innovation. So we tried the Columbus Egg on our students. 

After a few minutes of discussion they found the solution. Smart people.

Tahrir Square

We went to Tahrir Square one year after the revolution January 25, 2011. The atmosphere was euphoric and the Egyptians believed in a peaceful future.


A couple of hours away from bustling Dubai stand the silent mountains of Oman.


Flowers by a roadside in Dubai.


Our local grocery in Cairo.

Americana Conference

From a conference we facilitated for Americana in Cairo.